Out with the Girls?At Home.

Tips for the Hostess

Preparation and pre-organisation is the key for the hostess to enjoy a relaxing pamper party!

Invite your party friends to arrive a minimum of 30 minutes before the treatments are due to commence.

Our therapists must stick to a strict allotted timeframe, to make sure that we arrive to all parties on time.

We do not want anyone to miss out of any of their treatments!

Ladies Night In will:

  • Pamper you and your guests, leaving you feeling relaxed and revitalised.
  • Bring all of the tools required for your pampering experience.
  • Including massage beds, foot spa’s, towels, products, polish …
  • Professionally direct your guests to when and where they will be having their treatments.
  • Process all accounts prior to your party, so that there is no need for payment on the night.

As the hostess, you may like to:

Set your party up in a way that will suit your occasion.

For example:

  • Transform your home into a day spa, for a relaxing girls night at home.
  • For an party atmosphere, such as a Hens Night, you may like to set up a series of ‘pamper stations’. One area for manicures, one for massages and one for pedicures.
  • Create the right atmosphere and set the mood for relaxation.

You may like to consider:

  • Clearing an area in a bed room, where a massage table can be set up. This will allow for quiet and privacy.
  • Light your home up with an array of beautiful candles.
  • Please ensure there is adequate lighting for perfect polish!
  • Light an oil burner, and fill your home with some relaxing scents.
  • Tune in your radio or CD player to some spa music.
  • Make sure that your home is a comfortable temperature. For some treatments, clothing may need to be adjusted.

Be prepare:

So that you can sit back and relax, you may like to:

  • Organise light snacks, that are easily prepared before time. This should keep your guests refreshed and able to help themselves, whilst you all enjoy your treatments.
  • Have a jug of water, juice or even cocktails readily available to make sure your guests are kept well hydrated.
  • Be served by a hunky topless waiter, as they pour and serve your guests their drinks. (please request a pampering & entertainment quote for this option.

Now … all that is left to do is sit back, relax, and let us pamper you!!!