Out with the Girls?At Home.

Terms and Conditions

Client Information:

All clients are to complete a ‘Client Information Form’, prior to therapies commencing. From the information received, the therapist holds the right to refuse treatments where they feel that the client or the staff member may be at risk. If this situation arises, then the therapist may offer a suitable alternative.

Please inform Ladies Night In staff if you are pregnant or have any allergies, Eg. latex, nuts and shellfish.

All client information is private and confidential, to be solely used by Ladies Night In. It will not be given to any other parties.


If you are pregnant, or think that you make be pregnant, you must inform the therapist prior to the commencement of treatments. There are several restrictions or alterations to treatments that may be required to ensure the optimal health and safely of the mother and baby.

There us no massage of the lower leg or ankles. During pregnancy the risk of developing blood clots is increased.

  • Massage of the lower legs may potentially dislodge such clots, which may in fact be detrimental to your health.
  • Particular pressure points within the body can trigger labour, so these areas aim to be avoided.
  • Ensure adequate ventilation or wear a mask. Nail products emit toxic fumes that have been proven to cause birth defects.

The Venue:

Please ensure that the venue has running water, adequate heating and cooling, and access to electricity.

Please ensure that there is adequate lighting provided (required to enable a fabulous polish!).

Please refrain from smoking in the vicinity of where the treatments are being carried out, as this is an

occupational health and safety requirement.

Reasonable access to the venue is important, as our therapists have to transport heavy equipment.

Parking must be provided. If staying at a hotel, parking must be provided and paid for.

Please inform us on the location of the party, as a travel fee may apply in some cases.

The Party:

We supply all equipment, towels and product.

We will arrive 15 minutes before the treatments are due to commence, to allow time to set up equipment.

Please ensure that all of your guests, are ready for their treatments 30 minutes prior to the planned commencement time of the party. This will allow everyone to receive their full treatments.

Ensure that pets and small children will be kept away from all products and equipment to prevent accident or injury.

Travel Costs:

Depending on your party location travel fee’s may be applicable. There is no travel fee for Ladies Night In pamper therapists within 20km of the CBD.  Travel for parties greater than 20km from the CBD are individually quoted as per our Fee Schedule.

Upon booking, your location will be assessed and you will be informed of the travel expenses. (Service travel fees i.e. waiter, high tea and cocktails ect … available on application)


To secure your booking with LADIES NIGHT IN, contact us on 0434 616 686

or email: enquiries@ladiesnightin.com.au

• A 50% non-refundable deposit is payable upon booking to secure therapists for your event.

• Full payment to be made 7 days prior to the event.


All guests are to conduct themselves in a respectful manner.

Any lewd or unwanted sexual attention, obscene language or intoxication, may lead to the therapist ceasing operations early. This would be to protect the health and safety of both client and therapist